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Steed’s design approach is simple: people are at the core of everything

Victor Chandler
Design Consultant
Joost Online TV
ILN Agency


My approach is simple: people are at the core of everything I do. A confusing, poorly designed message will miss its target almost every time. Whilst design needs to be appealing, it needs to remain simple, allow us to accomplish our tasks effectively, and enjoy doing so. I design to leave that impression.


Finely tuned attention to detail. Thorough, meticulous and neat. Proactive, energetic and adaptable, able to work with speed and under pressure. Excellent knowledge of accessibility, branding, usabilty design, colour and typography.  


Design skills without business knowledge is like a bird without wings. Business knowledge coupled with design enables the designer to apply skills, aptitude and planning in targeting prospective and current customers.

Recommendations For Steed

Victor Chandler

I would just like to take this opportunity to say that I have worked with Steed for the past six months.

In that time I have found him to be a popular, hard working, proactive and valuable senior member of the creative team.  His work is first class and one particular project stands out for me.  This was the development of a dynamic and interactive Microsite that was designed to drive people to a specific destination for news, views, updates and live information.  Steed drove and organised the project, being responsible for pulling together a series of cross-departmental people to deliver various component parts of the website for an on time live launch.  The website look and feel was designed by Steed and this too was delivered on brand and to a high quality design standard.
I am sure that he will be greatly missed by all who work with him here at Victor Chandler International and I can confidently state that he will be a very valuable addition to the next company he chooses to join.


April 8, 2011

Karl Riley, Marketing Director at Victor Chandler International.


Joost Beta Glowing Icon


Steed worked in my team at Joost as graphic/web designer. During this time, Steed has been very professional, hard working and committed to his work. Steed also has a broad range of knowledge and a strong master of design software applications, which add flexibility and quality to his deliverables. He thinks outside the box and always comes with alternatives when needed or when facing a graphical issue. Steed also has great attention to details and delivers clearly against the objectives – those being: driving brand awareness, acquisition, etc …
I strongly recommend Steed. He’s a very good team player. I enjoyed working with him and hope to so again in the near future.

July 2, 2008

Stephanie Bouchet, Global Marketing Director, Joost (London)
managed Steed at Joost


Steed’s one of the best web designers I’ve worked with. In terms of output did a simply AMAZING amount of work. We were responsible for sending a weekly email newsletter to Joost’s users. Steed designed an initial template, however the content in Joost was constantly changing with new channels & shows added each week and we all felt that a very different design was required to illustrate this change & excitement. Content was king, but discovering it was also essential so we needed rocking newsletters to do this.

In addition he was responsible for designing countless landing pages which were mini micro-sites in themselves.

Steed delivered with a great sense of humour, dedication and creativity. He was always on top of the latest trends in email open rates & landing page requirements and he knew how design could really increase the effectiveness of both.

A pleasure to work with even though he was annoyingly healthy and his diet and fitness regime put us all to shame! June 2, 2008

Mecca Ibrahim, Community Engagement Manager, Joost
worked directly with Steed at Joost




Steed, is a fantastic guy with a great sense of humour which is transfered into his work – he can produce fantastic designs but with humour and edge. Something to help you stand out from the crowd.

He’s on the ball with all the latest online developments and I would thoroughly recommend him. February 26, 2009

Anna Kingsley, Account Director, ILN
worked directly with Steed at ILN

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Steed on a number of high-pressured projects. He’s a talented guy; his boundless energy and enthusiasm mean his work is inspired. Add into the mix Steed’s great sense of humour and you’re onto a winner. Highly recommended. June 4, 2008

Jonathan Brain, Senior Creative Developer, ILN
worked directly with Steed at ILN

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